Delicious Home-Cooked Food

Pool & Bar Restaurant

Home-cooked traditional dishes.
Open from 08:00 am to late at night

We offer an outdoor and an indoor dining area next to our apartments, where you can savour Greek tastes and some local, Corfiot dishes prepared with gardening products, growing in our vegetable garden, that surrounds the apartments.

Meals being served in our restaurant include breakfast, lunch and snacks in the daytime, while you can enjoy your dinner or even your drink next to the swimming pool at night. Lastly, it is notable that special Greek nights are organized once a week, in order you to explore the Greek music, dancing and the Corfiot way of having fun.

Some local dishes prepared by us

Savour the taste of one of the most popular Greek dishes, served in every Greek household. Carefully prepared with gardening products and minced beef, moussaka constitutes our specialty.


Our restaurant gives the opportunity of incorporating more vegetables into your dietary habits by preparing delicious stuffed vegetables, such as peppers and tomatoes.

Stuffed Vegetables

Sofrito is one of the typical Corfiot dishes with beef, being cooked in wine sauce with mixed spices and garlic that make it really delicious.

Corfiot Sofrito